Orse’s books contain short stories ideal for bedtime reading and for engaging early readers. They’re also beautifully illustrated with over 100 full colour drawings in each.

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Orse, The Moon and a Piece of Smelly Cheese

Orse, The Moon and a
Piece of Smelly Cheese

Orse’s first book
with four short, delightful, bedtime stories

Price: £6.99

Orse, The Moon and A Smelly Piece of Cheese

The Moon is made of cheese, or so Orse has been led to believe. All he has to do now is to get some for himself and have a free supper. Can he succeed or will he end up with an empty plate?

The Swimming Race

Having won the sack race at the school sports day and feeling very proud with his winner’s medal, Orse now thinks he is an unbeatable champion. He accepts a challenge from a family of seals to a swimming race. But seals can speed through water much faster than polar bears. Orse can’t possibly win ... can he?

Happy Birthday Orse

It's Orse’s birthday and he is looking forward to receiving lots of birthday cards and perhaps a few presents. Unfortunately, it looks like everyone has forgotten his big day. What has gone wrong and how can his friends put things right?

The Talent Contest

Orse has written a very special song to perform on stage at the Snowville annual talent contest. Unfortunately, he gets his dates mixed up and misses the deadline to submit his entry form. Luckily, Frederick Rat has an idea which might solve the problem but will Orse still get to sing his song, And we want to Play?

Orse To The Rescue

To The Rescue

Four more exciting stories from the lovable, but accident-prone, polar bear

Price: £6.99

Orse To The Rescue

Banjo and his ice hockey team are in big trouble and need saving fast. Can Orse help and rescue the huskies from great danger?

The Magic of the Fairy Dust Trousers

There’s magic in the air at Snowville and Orse would like some for himself. But just how do you catch a fairy?

How to Catch a Moose

Frederick Rat and Orse set out to catch a wild moose to pull Orse’s sledge. Not an easy thing to do…or is it?

Ohla's Fancy Dress Party

Orse is determined to have the best costume in town. But, as usual, things don’t quite go as planned…

And We Want To Play

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